With Facebook's popularity tumbling into one, you might use it as just like a social media, but for many, it's not just social media! For them, Facebook is a big part of life with their drug being everything Facebook! There are billions of active users of Facebook every month. Still, then there are many reasons why you should stop using Facebook right away, maybe it's because of Facebook's privacy scam, or perhaps you're tired of seeing a friend's happier life!
Top 5 Reasons to Delete Your Facebook Account Right Now
So it's time to quit Facebook or stay away from it for a while, so be useful to you! However, in this article, I have discussed 5 things that should cause you to stop using Facebook right away!

Facebook Itself is Everything!

Facebook is a platform where the company is trying to do everything. What used to be, you used to go to different forums or blog websites to create a community, but with the group feature on Facebook, you can create a community from Facebook. If you want to buy something, you visit Amazon or local online shops, but Facebook has its own e-commerce system where anyone can shop.

You do not need to create your own website, and according to Facebook, Just Facebook is opening the page. No need to watch Youtube for video, Facebook has a video platform. No need to skype for video chat, you can video chat in Messenger. Google Maps does not need to be a restaurant to find, Facebook has this feature. What do you mean Facebook wants to be all-in-one on the Internet!

Now think to yourself how much personal information do you have on Facebook after using Facebook's service. You know everything Facebook does. It may be that Facebook is collecting your data more than Google. Yes, many will say I don't know what Facebook is saving. But many have a particular focus on privacy, which may be a specific reason for them to stop using Facebook.

Facebook Ads Tracking

Well, Facebook makes money from advertising, they couldn't launch such a massive platform without advertising. Facebook advertises their ads to reach its targeted Facebook users. Now how does Facebook find its targeted users? Well, Facebook keeps track of everything you use on Facebook. What you are doing, what you are buying, what you are saying in the message, Facebook is keeping an eye on everything.

Not only that, many websites use the Facebook API, Facebook also tracks what you are doing on those websites. That means Facebook is watching all the activities on the Internet almost. You may not have even signed up their service by going to a website, but that website may use the Facebook comment plugin, through which Facebook can track what you are doing on that site! And this may be uncomfortable for many.

Facebook Data Breach

If you are involved with regular tech, don't forget about Facebook's massive data breach. Facebook is collecting your deadly data, which is a bit scary, but even more frightening is that Facebook carefully protects those data. And when it comes to privacy and data security, Facebook must be terribly unconscious in this regard. Many significant data breaches have occurred on the platform over the years. One of the most significant data breaches is through a company called Cambridge Analytica. Billions of user data were leaked from Facebook in this data scam!

The data was either scammed or leaked by hackers to steal data. But of course, don't forget, Facebook user data means that the user and password were saved in plain text on their server. Although these data can only be accessed by the official people of Facebook, then the password is saved in plain text, a huge security risk!

Facebook is Addictive

It must be acknowledged, Facebook means a massive waste of time, many people come to Facebook after eating even without eating. Whether you create a post or not, there is always the latter, the news feed is scrolling. Facebook is designed so that you spend more time here. When reading a friend's post or news page updates, the hour after which the bell is paid is not available.

Facebook has taken away your business life and made you a virtual machine of some kind. If you do not share every moment of life and pictures, you may not be. How many likes came in your post and how many likes went in a friend's post may end up being the day for you, then it's time to get out of this addiction, enjoy the real life of life, get out, and truly enjoy life!

Social Effect

After using Facebook, many users can quickly become psychologically disturbed and may later become frustrated. You may be disappointed to find that your friend's life is happier than yours. Many like to see a friend's happy life, but many may be jealous of it. Many people try to show one in real life and another on Facebook, creating a completely different identity on Facebook.

Seeing more likes in your friend's photo can make you feel jealous, psychological pressure can be created on you, I can feel angry and angry. Many people post pictures of their precious phone on facebook by looking in the mirror, not having your phone expensive can cause stress in your mind. It has also been scientifically proven that many types of social effects can emerge from Facebook.

So these were the 5 reasons you should delete your Facebook account. I'm not giving a straight answer as to whether or not you should remove it. But at least after knowing the reasons, you may be wondering if your Facebook account should be deleted!

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