Are you getting a full 4G signal but your data connection is slow? Do you want to know why does the H+ Plus Internet signal remain slow? Well, lots of smartphone users in various systems such as Android, Blackberry, Tizen, and Windows Mobile have problems with Internet connections in their device, which should have a 3G/HSPA (HSDPA)/H+ signal that has high speed but is still slow as well.
What actually happened? Is the cellphone is the problem or is the network from the cellular operator that makes the cellphone slow? To know this and want to boost your phone's slow data connection or poor signal strength, then read this full article carefully.
Full Network Bars But Slow Internet on Android
Just as in a PC that uses Modem facilities to connect to the internet using a SIM card, the same smartphone is also seen from its performance, where internet network performance is determined by several peripherals such as hardware, systems and also internet connection provider itself.

Logically and in a simple sense, if in a network that can be accessed in general is limited like a cellular operator, then the density and number of users of internet access in one path will be divided. Likewise, in terms of hardware, the components inside a cellphone or router also affect the performance of an internet network. Then, judging from the system can also determine whether or not an internet connection between a modem with an internet network provider (service provider).

Cause of Why You Get Slow Data Connection While Get a Full 4G Signal

Sometimes you feel that the signal is full and the network appears on the screen showing the quality of 3G or HSDPA which should be fast to connect to the internet, on the contrary alias slow, but there are times when you are in another city it turns out faster than where you live it has become a phenomenon which is common because the quality and density of networks in an area are not the same.

Below are some reasons that can make your internet connection on your smartphone slow even though it's already in 3G/4G coverage:

#1. Quality of Your Network Provider

The point here is the quality of your internet network provider, which in this case is the closest BTS connected to your cellphone. Network quality in each region will certainly be distinguished according to the needs and coverage in each sector if in a city with a high quantity and mobility of internet data users will not be equated with those in remote villages because it involves the economic value of cellular operators.

#2. Network Signal Quality

Before blaming cellphones and H+ networks that are slow when using the internet, please see the quality of the existing signal on your cellphone, because a weak signal is very influential on the speed of internet data transfer.

#3. User Density in Your Area

This one thing that is rarely known by smartphone internet users, wherein one BTS antenna there will be a system that automatically detects how many users are in one area and how to divide the internet bandwidth so that it is evenly distributed. so if you feel that the internet is slow even though the quality of the H+ network and a full signal can be the same SIM card users in an area where you are very crowded.

#4. Hardware Problems

When you have tried to move from one place to another and have encountered a slow internet network problem, even though the H+ signal could have been a component or hardware related to the network on your cellphone, you have experienced problems.

#5. Operating System Problems

It is common when system problems on mobile devices become a major cause of slow Internet networks, usually restart/resetting or even flashing again can be a solution so that the internet returns to normal and speeding.

#6. Too Many Applications are Running

The number of applications running on your cellphone can also be a problem for the quality and speed of the internet, especially if every application that is not closed properly also uses internet data behind the background without your knowledge.

For example, you often run Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and other applications that all require an internet connection in real-time even if you don't use it, it can overload the network on your cellphone and the effect is the connection feels slow or slow when the connection is normal and internet data is shared with various applications.

How to Fix Full Network Bars But Slow Internet on Android

  • Restart Your Phone
  • Remove Your SIM Card and Insert Again
  • Check Network Settings
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Contact to Your Network Provider

Above I listed the top 6 reasons that can make your internet connection on your smartphone slow and also list how to fix that problem. You can also go to the article of CNET where Jason Cipriani wrote How to boost your phone's slow data connection or poor signal strength.

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