The number of smartphone charger products that can be applied to cars today is not necessarily a solution, behind the Car Charger tool for mobile phones, many have lost their favorite mobile phones or Damaged due to unstable currents and voltages when charging mobile batteries.

Although now many car manufacturers have included a USB slot that can be used for multimedia as well as a port for charging smartphones. That must also be done by car owners when they want to do charging at that port. This is not to frighten vehicle and smartphone owners but as a preventive measure because the owner does not know exactly how much power and voltage is expended by the port.
Tips on Choosing a Safe Car Charger
The energy source in the hole or port available on the dashboard of the car comes from the electricity of the car and along with the movement of the car's engine the voltage will also increase further than when the car is stopped.

The driving speed and the ups and downs of the engine speed will also be accompanied by a voltage that fluctuates as well, this is the key when the voltage fluctuates even though the output device in the form of a voltage-reducing electronic circuit has been provided, the output can fluctuate if the quality of the circuit and circuit components for charging not functioning optimally.
A Damaged Smartphone
A Damaged Smartphone
In fact, many smartphone products from Apple are damaged due to carelessly plugging the charger cable into the mobile charger port, because Apple products are sensitive and vulnerable to it.

Tips on Choosing a Safe Car Charger for Your Smartphone

Below are some tips that you can use to identify a charger device in the car that is safe to use:

Tips #1. Users can easily guess whether the device is safe or not in an easy way, that is, whether the cellphone when it is charging causes excessive heat quickly or not. If the phone is warm and the temperature is stable when driving slow or fast then this is normal because of the battery charging process.

However, if the heat is drastic and indeed it is felt to be too fast, especially when the car is moving fast, it can be ascertained that the output voltage is unstable, do not use it because it can damage the battery and cellphone components because of the voltage surge that you don't know the maximum limit of.

Tips #2. Select the charging device in the car that has the ability to disconnect when the charge is full. This is highly recommended because when charging is full but the input process is still ongoing it will be dangerous for the battery and shorten the life of the smartphone.

Tips #3. If you have time then do the measurement of the output voltage of the car's charge using the AvoMeter. If you are inexperienced try telling a friend who can already measure the voltage, make sure the voltage when measured does not fluctuate too drastically.

It is better to have a stable voltage even though the position of the car at any speed. This is to ensure that the components of the charging device function optimally according to their designation or only careless products.

Tips #4. Just like number three above, a good car charger is a must-have the ability to change the electric current to be as stable as possible for the output current.

The essence of some of the tips above is as much as possible to measure manually the electric current that comes out using a voltage calculation so that the owner is not only armed with the mistake that will eventually be dangerous to smartphones and other electronic devices connected to the car's charging port.

Hopefully, this article helps you to choose a safe can charger for your smartphone.
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