Without a strong signal, the phone feels unusable, especially conducting telephone communication or accessing the Internet. Even someone to be willing to wave a cellphone just for can get more signals, and that does work sometimes.
Top 5 Best Network Signal Booster App for Android
And in the modern age now, several types of signals can be used. The most table in conducting telephone and SMS communication is 2G. While for internet use, it is strongly recommended to use 3G or 4G.
The problem is, the signal obtained is very minimal and sometimes up and down. Inevitably it will affect many things. For example, when playing online games will immediately feel a signal lost suddenly.

But there is still a solution for that, using the application of the amplifier signal, or rather the signal stabilizer. So several applications are will help tune your phone so that the message you get can reach maximum.

Top 5 Best Network Signal Booster App for Android

Network Signal Booster

Network Signal Booster
From many of signal booster applications, this one has enough ratings high on the Google Play Store, and a lot of pulses of positive reviews provided by the user. The performance of the application is refreshing the current network conditions.

The way it works is effortless. You just need to open the application and press the Boost button and after that, wait for the process to finish. And from now, look at the difference. Your network signal will boost.

HSPA+ Optimizer | H+ Signal Booster & Stabilizer

HSPA+ Optimizer  H+ Signal Booster & Stabilizer
It has a function that is more devoted to the type of 3G signal. So if you are now using a 3G network and the message is less than optimal, please try this application to strengthen it.

Within the application is available, one button that functions to activate its features. And not only the signal is amplified, but the internet connection can also be stabilized using this application.

Connection Stabilizer Booster

Connection Stabilizer Booster
Still the same as the others, but if you need an application that can make the network more stable when playing games, maybe this Connection Stabilizer Booster app can help you deal with it.

This application has a keep-alive feature that will make no internet connection until idle. So when playing games, the PING obtained also continues to be good without soaring due to an empty network.

Network Signal Resetter : Network Speed Booster

Network Signal Resetter  Network Speed Booster
This one application has a small size, but its features are pretty much, you know. Overall the function is to reset the internet connection in a way sure to make the network or signal stronger than before.

Perfect Network Signal Booster & WiFi Analyzer

Perfect Network Signal Booster & WiFi Analyzer
If the above is a unique application to stabilize the network cellular. While this one is more devoted to WiFi networks. Available many features that can make your WiFi connection more robust than previous.

To use it, simply open the application and then press the Boost button, and after that, wait for the process to finish. Then see the difference.

Just select one of the several applications above. And maybe you should try one by one to make sure which is the best and most suitable to help stabilize the signal on the cellphone.

And know that the application above performance is setting the connection type best on his cellphone to get a stable signal. So, for example, The cellphone-only gets 1 4G bar, so it's likely to be switched to type 3G.

Some of the applications above can also be used to stabilize connections internet, especially in playing games so that PING remains low and minimize lag due to internet networks.

Hopefully, this article will help you so much. If so, please share this article with your friends. Thanks :)


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