The Best VR/Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2020 - Virtual Reality or commonly called VR is a computer simulation that allows us to sees 3D images realistically. VR innovation is a form of technological progress because it allows humans to experience and explore extraordinary places like in the fantasy world.
6 Best Virtual Reality (VR) Apps for Android 2020
To get the experience of playing VR, you must use additional devices, namely VR glasses. The way VR glasses work is to block all external light. And display images on a high definition screen in plain sight. The same thing when we use ordinary lenses, but VR Glasses displays two offset images separately in the left and right eye, which makes the brain give a real perception of 3D depth.
Although Virtual Reality is basically used on computers with a variety of additional equipment, as technology advances, a portable version is created using one smartphone, Android. VR is increasingly popular since it is present on Android devices, of course, because of its ease of use and can be taken anywhere.

But before that to get the VR experience, we must install the VR apps on our android smartphone. Well, this post, I will provide information on the 6 Best Virtual Reality (VR) Apps for Android 2020.

6 Best Virtual Reality (VR) Apps for Android 2020


Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard is a virtual reality glasses (VR) developed by Google to be used on smartphone devices, especially Android. Cardboard is made and marketed at affordable prices to encourage interest and support the development of VR applications even further.

In addition to physical devices, Google also developed the application with the same name, with the Google Cardboard application, you can find various demos to try. For example showing the atmosphere of flying above the earth, exploring places of interest, and many others. So to get an incredible world of virtual reality only through an Android phone, you can install the Google Cardboard application at the link below.

YouTube VR

VR technology is already present in various applications, one of which is Youtube. With VR glasses, you can enjoy the experience of watching videos virtually on Youtube.

YouTube has implemented VR technology that allows users to watch VR videos through smartphones. We can also watch any video in VR mode, but the most recommended is a video with a 360-degree display feature.

Fulldive VR - Virtual Reality

The Fulldive VR application provides more than 1 million videos in a 360-degree viewpoint, and there are more than 500 games in it. This application is compatible with many virtual glasses, one of which is Google Cardboard.

Also, Fulldive VR is not only a platform to get a virtual reality experience but even a social platform where users can connect with others who also use Fulldive VR to share their favourite videos.

VR Player - Virtual Reality

VR Player - Virtual Reality
VR Player is one of the best apps that I recommend for use on android. With this application, you can get a 3D experience on almost all videos, including videos stored in your phone's memory. This application is also compatible with many VR glasses on the market including VR BOX, Google Cardboard etc.

Also, the VR Player does not require high mobile specifications because it only requires a few sensors to make it work without lag. So what are you waiting for?

KM Player VR – 360 degree, VR(Virtual Reality)

KM Player VR – 360 degree, VR(Virtual Reality)
Enjoy an incredible 3D world wherever and whenever with the KMPlayer VR application. This application has a clean and straightforward user interface that makes it easy to use. This application supports VR videos in various formats including mp4, mkv, mov, and flv etc. KMPlayer VR is also compatible with most VR devices.

Within VR - Cinematic Virtual Reality

Within VR - Cinematic Virtual Reality
Enjoy immersive story-based premium content in various genres that comes with the help of the WITHIN app. Through this application, you can get an amazing 360 degrees VR experience in a variety of views. WITHIN already supports almost all VR devices, including Google Cardboard. What is clear is you will be entertained because this application provides a variety of exciting content that you can try.

That's the top 6 list of the best VR applications for the latest Android 2020. Hopefully useful. Don't forget to share!

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