Behind any of the Android RPG Games, there must be an interesting story. It's not fun if just an action game without a story to support the game plot. So, if you're the type of gamer like this, below these best Android RPG games could be the first option in your game list.
The 8 Best Android RPG Games in 2020
Android RPG games are very closely related to the story. Where you will act as a character who has a story until the end of the game. It feels really exciting. To the extent that most of our friends feel watching and controlling the main character in action films!
Moreover, this android RPG game is very portable. So, you can play wherever and whenever you want.

So, what are the best Android RPG games that we recommend for you? Let's check it out!

8 Best Android RPG Game in 2020

This is the most recommended Android RPG game for you to play. The genre that we choose also varies, so you can choose the one that suits your mood and style.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Lovers of the 2000s generation game must be very familiar with this one game. Yaps, what else if not Ragnarok. Games that could make a cafe in crowded until morning.

Still carrying the same theme as the original version, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love also comes in a mobile version with a cool open-world concept. The way to play is the same as the original version, where you have to choose one of 6 classes. Then, just follow the story.

Do you want to level up in Ragnarok? It's easy You just need to multiply Exp or Experience by fighting with monsters or doing quests. The more Exp, the higher the level you can reach.
Details of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love
Developer Gravity Interactive Inc.
Minimum OSAndroid 4.3 and up
CategoryRole Playing
Rating2.8/5 (Google Play)


Furthermore, there are online RPG games that are no less popular with Ragnarok! Yaps, he is GrandChase.

It used to be that the play was not so real because of the thick 2-dimensional effects. Now, everything is remade and you can feel the sensation of the adventurer who is really really 3-dimensional.

70+ heroes are ready for you to choose with different characters and special powers. In addition, you can also play together online with your friends!

So, there's no doubt that GrandChase is the choice of Best Android RPG gamers.
Details of GrandChase
Developer Kog Co., Ltd.
Minimum OSAndroid 4.2 and up
CategoryRole Playing
Rating3.5/5 (Google Play)

Inotia 4

Inotia 4 RPG Games
Why are you confused because you don't have internet data? Now, you can play to your heart's content without fearing internet data! There is Inotia 4 you can play offline.

No kidding, Inotia 4 provides a gaming experience with the same gameplay as Ragnarok! In fact, wrapped with a very interesting story, Inotia 4 can make your day even more excited!
Details of Inotia 4
Developer Com2uS
Minimum OSAndroid 4.1 and up
CategoryRole Playing
Rating4.5/5 (Google Play)

Lineage2 Revolution

Want the sensation of playing games with realistic graphics like Final Fantasy films? The lineage of choice! This game became one of the most phenomenal and best-selling games.

Besides the addictive graphics, online play mode and meeting hundreds to thousands of other players also have their own sensations. This Netmarble Games dropout game can also make farming.

That is, the hero who has the most Exp is also very easy to level up. Besides that, the higher your hero level, the more items you can open.
Details of Lineage2 Revolution
Developer Netmarble
Minimum OSAndroid 4.4 and up
SizeVaries with device
CategoryRole Playing
Rating4.0/5 (Google Play)

Darkness Rises

Are you bored playing RPG games because the stage is clear? Try this Android RPG game, Darkness Rises. Just like the name suggests, this game is really designed specifically in a tense dark atmosphere.

It's not just tense conditions, but also interesting and exciting gameplay makes you even more comfortable playing this game. In addition, this game also has cool graphics and the same as other games with the theme of darkness.

Feel yourself exploring dangerous to complete quests. With third-person player mode, you can also feel the tension when facing bosses in this game.

This Android game is also equipped with build guilds or friends that make the game more exciting.
Details of Darkness Rises
Developer NEXON Company
Minimum OSAndroid 4.4 and up
CategoryRole Playing
Rating4.5/5 (Google Play)

Laplace M

It does sound a bit unfamiliar to you who are just playing a game. But, this game is really popular among Android RPG gamers! The reason is, this ZlongGames dropout game ranks first in the Android RPG game competition.

Laplace M is touted as one of the successful games to be the main rivals of Ragnarok M Eternal Love and Lineage 2 Revolution. Obviously, because this game is really easy and doesn't make you confused even though you're still a noob.

Try it for yourself so you can feel what we felt when you first played this cool RPG game!
Details of Laplace M
Developer ZlongGames
Minimum OSAndroid 4.0 and up
CategoryRole Playing
Rating4.2/5 (Google Play)


Like playing Shin Megami Tensei on PS? Now you don't need to get together to prepare TV and PS, just use your Smartphone and you can play Shin Megami Tensei.

This Android RPG game has a mobile version that makes you addicted. With the same gameplay as the original version, Shin Megami Tensei also carries the same story. You will be faced with Acotyles who are trying to wrest technology from your hands.

The method of playing is also exactly the same, namely gathering monsters to fight with other monsters. Anyway, this game is required on your Android!
Details of SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation D×2
Minimum OSAndroid 5.0 and up
CategoryRole Playing
Rating4.4/5 (Google Play)

Destiny Knights

The last game of the best android RGP game, we have Destiny Knights. This cool game with a funny character theme is a very good storyline.

You have to be smart to formulate strategies to defeat the enemy. In addition, you will also be an adventure into 3 characters at once. So, you must be smart to manage the management of each character so that you can complete the mission.

Special, although the theme that is carried is funny, the gameplay is also really cool. You have to go through all dangerous way to find enemies and get Exp.
Details of Destiny Knights
Developer Netmarble
Minimum OSAndroid 4.0.3 and up
CategoryRole Playing
Rating3.9/5 (Google Play)


The game that can be said to be the best game is RPG. Where you have to determine strategy and fight all enemies in the existing storyline. In addition to the amazing storyline, you are also spoiled with cool gameplay.

If you are a game enthusiast, you also need to feel the thrill of the best offline strategy game that makes you even cooler. This way, you don't just enjoy cool gameplay, but also stimulate the brain to make it thinner.

So, maybe this is something that we can share now. There are still so many topics around the Android Games that we will write about and you can enjoy it. Don't forget to subscribe to our email newsletter so that you don't miss the latest updates from us.


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