In a previous post, I have explained What is the Cache System on Android Phone. And In today's post, I am going to show you how to clean cache on android without any apps. Well, this time, we will explain other ways, without the help of apps.
How to Clear Android Cache Quickly Without Any Apps
There are two ways to clear the cache on android without any apps, first one is to clear the cache one by one for each installed apps and the other one is clear the cache at once from the setting of your android phone.

Way #1. To clear all cache files one by one

Go to the Settings option of your smartphone. Tap on Apps / Application Manager
Tap on Apps option
Select the App that you want the clear cache. For example, I want to clear the cache of Messenger Lite. So I tap on its name(Messenger Lite).
Select the App
And tap on the Clear Cache button
Tap on Clear Cache
That's all! All the cache files for that apps are now cleared.

Way #2. If you want to clear all the cache data for your entire device, just do it through

Go to the Settings option of your smartphone. Scroll down and tap on the Storage option
Storage Option
You can see all the stored data are listed. Also, you can see how much storage it takes for cached data. Tap on Cached Data
Tap on Cached Data
Confirm the appeared box by tapping on OK
OK to Confirm
And the just wait few seconds. All the cached data will clear.

If you do this step in the game which you've installed, then the game settings, accounts, score of the previous profiles that you played in the game will disappear altogether.

By clearing the cache on Android, you can at least free up the capacity of the internal memory of your smartphone.

Please note that after you clear the cache on an Android device, after each access to an application or website, the device will need additional time to reload the elements and store them in the cache.

This is normal, but when the application and website are accessed, the data and cache files will automatically reappear, and you must delete them again to increase the memory capacity.

So, I think this post helps you to clear android cache data quickly without any apps. If so, then please share this post to facebook, WhatsApp. Thanks :)

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