This is the most common problem that the smartphone battery drain quickly even though it has been charging fully often experienced by Smartphone users. Even those who often get annoyed and wonder when it is assumed that smartphone has not been bought for a long time.

But the battery is easy to drop and doesn't work as naturally as possible. Several reasons can make the condition of your cellphone battery like that. Well, for more details about the problem of the HP smartphone battery, please refer to the review.
Smartphone Battery Draining So Fast
The problem of battery power is indeed not endless to be discussed, because all electronic devices currently in circulation such as smartphones still use the physical battery type of Lithium-ion or Polymer as a supplier of power in all smartphone components.

So, therefore, maintaining an excellent battery performance sometimes indeed easy and tricky, easy for those who already know the tricks and difficult for those who only hear from the confusing news about Maintaining the performance of a cellphone battery.

Before entering into the core of the discussion, you should first need to know about the current cell phone battery structure. It should be noted that this power supply device has several elemental structures such as anode and cathode as the poles in sheet form and in the two poles are separated which must not stick together.

The cell sheet is structurally in the way of a straight precision, but when there is a problem in its use, it may be that the structure changes to bend or curve. Do you often see the battery swelled? Now that's one of them, where the cell inside has bent because the cell has begun to damage and does not work as it should.

Why Smartphone Battery Drains Quickly?

Maybe someone is wondering why is my smartphone battery not swollen but still easy to drop when it is fully charged but can run out when used for a while? To find out some of these problems, please refer to the discussion below.

#1. Battery Life

For the cause of the easy run out of batteries can undoubtedly be seen from life. You should know that there is battery life (cycle time), each time you charge indirectly it will be counted as cycle time, the more often the charging decreases the performance at a later time, and so on until the battery actually drops and can't be used anymore.

#2. How You Use the Device

Mostly because the battery is no longer maximum to be used is improper use such as charging while playing games, while calling or while running various other heavy applications. This can result in decreased performance of battery cells and can even make your battery drain so fast.

#3. Smartphone Component has a Problem

The third cause can be due to components related to the battery in and out currents having problems or starting to lose the precision value in each element. Examples of damage to the current resistance at the inlet port can cause the voltage that should be filtered to the specified size turns out to leak and do not match the size anymore, this can cause the battery to be charged will be overloaded and damaged before its useful life ends.

#4. System Problems

Well, the number four is actually not located in the battery but on the cellphone system. If this happens, your battery actually has no problems, only the battery percentage indicator on the screen is experiencing confusion due to damage to the cellphone system.

For this one, actually, how to detect it is very easy, all you have to do is borrow a battery similar to the type of cellphone and try it, if it turns out that with another battery it turns out to be problematic, of course, the system on your smartphone has a problem and needs repairs such as resetting or even flashing.

Hopefully, the Smartphone Battery Draining So Fast above is useful for all Android Brother BD readers, thank you and do not forget to ask if there are problems regarding the smartphone and the Android operating system in the comments column below on this post.

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