I think everybody who uses an Android smartphone knows about the Cached data of android apps. Many of us clear the cached app data from our android phone. But do you know what happens when we clear cached data on our phone? What is actually stands for this term "cache"? Well, on this page, I am going to share with you details about what is the cache of android apps and what will happen if we clear cached data on our phone.
What Happens When You Clear Cached Data on Your Phone?
In simple word, the cache is some temporary files that are stored in phone storage. This cache helps the android system to work faster. Also, it helps the android processor to process any function very quickly.

If you still have confusion about the cache and its working process, let me clarify that...

For example, when you open a browser and type an address in the address bar then you navigate through the site, in the main time, the cache will work to store your browsing information and activities in storage for future use. Well, what do you mean used for the next time? Calm down, let's also clarify this...

When you close the browser application and after someday, you want to open it again, then browse to the address of the site that you have visited before then, there will be a suggestion address that appears in the address bar, that's the cache works.
Address Suggestion Showing
Website Address Suggestion Showing
Then when you want to enter a site that has already been visited, then the speed of opening pages will be faster than sites that you have never opened. Once again that's the work of the data cache.

In general, the cache memory will record all the activities that you have done on the system or application without your knowledge. With the data already stored, later when you re-open the application or anything that requires data cache will be more quickly accessed.

Data cache will help the processor to shorten the processing delay for processing input data. Because there was the same data that has been stored in internal memory, so when there is a request for processing the same data, the cache will present ready-to-use data for processing and display the results on the user's screen quickly without waiting for a long time. Once again, that's the work of the data cache in Electronic devices such as PCs and Smartphones.

Now, after knowing what is cache and how the Cache system works on Android, now there are questions that are often asked by some smartphone users, what will happen if we clear the cache data of any android apps? Actually, there is no problem if we clear the cache. Let's also clear that...

Unknown Fact About Clear Cache on Android Smartphone

#1. Your phone will not have a problem when the cache is deleted, because the data stored in the cache is only a 'trace' or history of the activity that you have done on the application or system.
Clear Cache Option Android
Clear Cache Option Android
#2. Does clearing the cache delete data such as games, applications, accounts, etc.? The answer is no. Cached data is very different from Application data, so it's very safe to delete it.

#3. The advantage of clearing the cache is that one of them will make more storage space. If so far you have never tried to clear the cache of data then you will be able to feel the storage space will increase because you have started to have a cell phone until now it has never been deleted at all. Please try and see how many Megabyte and even GigaByte of memory space you add.

#4. After clearing the data cache later you will feel when opening an application will be a little long, but only in a few seconds. This is reasonable because your footsteps of activities on mobile phones that have been erased and are now creating new traces in your activities.

So the slow nature of opening an application is only for a short time and it will change its speed when you have started a new activity repeatedly as an example of how the cache works.

#5. Clearing the cache can also prevent application crashes because of files that are too read and processed by RAM.

From some explanations about what is cache and how it affects when android users delete it above, hopefully, it will be useful for all readers. If you have something to ask, please feel free to add a thread in the comments column below this article. Thanks :)

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