Are you ready to be a crack playing Clash of Clans? And hit all the irons during this year 2020! If so, continue reading, because, we bring you the top 5 best clash of clans tips and tricks 2020.
Top 5 Best Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks 2020
Here I'm going to explain those tricks that will make you advance at a safe and fast pace. You can go to the top of many contestants. So without further due, let's get started.

Whare are the Top 5 Best Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks 2020?

Let's jump into the clash of clans advanced tricks 2020, I hope they will help you to overcome in Clash of Clans.

Collect the raw material quickly

If you are a rookie player you should know that there are four types of raw materials, which you have to collect throughout the game. They will serve to improve your buildings and troops. They are gold, gems, elixir and dark elixir.

Gems, mandatory as time progresses

Although in the game at the beginning it is not essential to have gems, as you progress it is impossible to be without them, I recommend you to start collecting gems as quickly as possible and do not use them until it is really necessary. Also, take advantage of offers that may appear when buying packages of gems (if you are going to spend money).

You have several alternatives to be able to get the gems: paying with real or virtual money, improving the buildings of the villages and also “cleaning”, that is, destroying the rocks and trees that appear in your village.

How can you get free gems in Clash of Clans?

You can find lots of tricks on the Internet that supposedly allow you to get many gems for free. The so-called hacks won't do you any good. You can get them by accumulating credit on Google Play. If you are an Android device user. You can use an app like Google Opinion Rewards.

Elixir and dark elixir, very necessary for your buildings and troops

Elixir and dark elixir, very necessary for your buildings and troops
You will use the elixir to build your troops and improve them as well as the buildings that will improve your armies. To get elixir quickly, you have to spend gold on building collectors and a good warehouse where you can keep everything. It will not take long to have large quantities that will be very useful.

Dark elixir is one of the most important raw materials that you must collect at advanced levels. Battles and clan games are the best way to get it fast, although you must take into account that you can also get it with your extractors. The higher the level of these, the more amount of this resource you get in less time.

Since not everything is to produce, you have to store the dark elixir somewhere. This place is the stores. As you improve, you get more capacity to keep elixir in them, so try to constantly improve them. If you do not, you run the risk that part of the work of your extractors goes directly to the trash. If there is no place where you can save it, it is wasted.

How to get a lot of gold in Clash of Clans?

How to get a lot of gold in Clash of Clans
As in most RPG games, gold is the main resource you will have to collect and in Clash of Clans, it is no exception. Your main source of this precious resource will be the mines but beware, you should keep in mind that, as with the elixirs, there is a limit until the stores are better.

If you do not improve your warehouse, you will reach the collection limit very quickly and everything you get that exceeds that maximum will be lost. So get to improve those stores as quickly as possible.

What we can do to get gold is to attack the camps with a strategy that depends on wall breakers, giants and goblins to loot the gold deposits, along with barbarians and archers and even a healer. In this way, we attack the base to go to the stores and/or gold mines to get us a huge amount of gold in a short time. You can also use a strategy with air charts that will be somewhat more expensive but also more effective, especially at the most advanced levels.

How to Earn experience points (XP) in Clash of Clans?

How to Earn experience points (XP) in Clash of Clans
In Clash of Clans, you can unlock new buildings and new troops, you may wonder, and how do I do it? Well, levelling up and in order to level up, you will need experience points. Getting experience points is quite difficult. Since the ways in which you can get these points are limited:
  • Donating troops to other members of your clan.
  • Completing achievements.
  • Destroying the Town Hall of other villages.
  • Building and improving buildings.
  • Remove items such as rocks, trees or logs.

Donate troops to other members of your clan

Remember! You have to be generous with your clan, that's the trick to level up fast. The amount of troops you can donate is limited, but do it whenever possible. As the clan level up more troops, you can donate.

Complete the achievements

This game has a reward system based on achievements, every time you unlock an achievement you get a certain number of experience points. Each achievement is divided into three levels and its value is as follows:

If you get to level 1 you gain 10 experience points, level 2 you gain 100 and level 3 you gain 1,000. You should keep in mind that although achievements are an interesting source of experience points, you can only complete them once.

Destroy the Town Hall of other villages

Fiercely attack the villages of your enemies and destroy their town halls, so you can get a good amount of experience points.

Build and improve your buildings

Needless to explain how this works. Simply, go enlarging and improving your facilities to get more experience.

Remove items such as rocks, trees or logs

Around your village, there are a number of obstacles that you must destroy to obtain experience points. The harder it is to clean them, the greater the number of experience points you will gain by removing them from the map. Look at its value:
  • If it takes 10-15 seconds: 3 points.
  • 20 seconds: 4 points.
  • 30 seconds: 5 points.
  • 45 seconds: 6 points.
  • 60 seconds: 7 points.

Be very careful with your first steps when playing

If you are new to Clash of Clans, the first element you should keep in mind is a good strategy so take your time to explore the menus, the main screen and all the options of the game, as well as to see in which environment your village and the possibilities offered by the land.
You have to know the troops and their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses
Best Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks 2020
Do you want to be a good king and an excellent general? Then you have to know each of the types of troops that will accompany you throughout the game, so you know at what time to use them. Here we describe the most used:


  • Type: flying unit.
  • Weak to: anti-aircraft.
  • Resistant against nothing


  • Type: long-distance attack unit.
  • Weak: any target that moves quickly.
  • Resistant against: defences.
  • Main feature: they can quickly end the infantry and defensive units.

Wall breakers

  • Type: infantry unit.
  • Weak to: mortars.
  • Resistant against: walls.
  • Main feature: its own name indicates its usefulness. You have to keep them out of the reach of mortars since they will be easily killed.


  • Type: infantry unit.
  • Weak to: Towers of magicians.
  • Resistant against: defensive units, infantry and walls.
  • Main feature: they are usually used as a decoy to concentrate the enemy's attacks and flank the target with other troops.


  • Type: infantry unit.
  • Weak to: nothing.
  • Resistant against: infantry units.
  • Main feature: they are the basic units, the bulk of the troops.


  • Type: long-distance attack unit.
  • Weak to: nothing.
  • Resistant against: nothing.
  • Main feature: you use it to heal your troops. They take up a lot of space, we recommend having only one.


  • Type: flying unit.
  • Weak to: anti-aircraft units.
  • Resistant against: it is immune to the attack of cannons and mortars.
  • Its main feature: if you have eliminated the anti-aircraft units and you have a wall breaker waiting for the destruction of the mortars, this is your unit.


  • Type: long-distance attack unit.
  • Weak to: nothing.
  • Resistant against: infantry units.
  • Its main feature: they are very effective as support units for infantry units. They take a long time to create.


  • Type: infantry units.
  • Weak to: nothing.
  • Resistant against: walls.
  • Main feature: you can accompany it with a healer if you want. Since it has an immense amount of life, all enemy troops have to focus on attacking PEKKA, giving you the chance to attack with the rest of your troops with more freedom.


  • Type: infantry unit.
  • Weak to: infantry.
  • Resistant against: walls, infantry units and long-distance attacks.
  • Main feature: it has enough life and defence. It is ideal for use as a lure and shield. You can accompany him with a healer to resist more.


  • Type: flying unit.
  • Resistant against: it is immune to the attack of cannons and mortars.
  • Weak to: anti-aircraft units.
  • Main feature: when attacking in a group they are capable of destroying any type of defence with a low standard of living They are lethal from level 6.
From AndroidBrotherBD I assure you that if you follow these tips you will win all the games of Clash of Clans. Do you have any other tricks in mind? Let us know in the comments.

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