In a recent update, Freefire surprised the entire fanbase and the world. In their latest announcement, they revealed that football star Cristiano Ronaldo is set to become their global ambassador.

And of course, this is a huge change in Free Fire including new looks, new functionality, new features, and everything.

A new player also added in Free Fire to celebrate the collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo. The new player named "Chrono" or "CR7" and also a mission added which is called "Operation Chrono".

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The new Chrono Character is full of some awesome skills which make the character more unique. The main skill of Chrono is Time Turner. Where the character makes a force field within its around that can protect himself from the enemy's attack, actually, it protects from the damage until the enemy gives 600 damage.

Chrono Character Free

It also increases the movement speed by 15% and for 10 seconds. And need to wait 50 seconds to use this skill again.

The Chrono CR7 character is not available in store for now. To buy this character you need to buy a 100 diamond package from their special package. But most of us don't want to spend 100 diamonds worth in Free Fire. So, on this page, I'm going to share with you the best secret way to get Chrono Character for free in Free Fire.

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Before going to the trick I want to tell you that this is not a fack trick and we're not going to use any kinds of VPN. So, you don't need to worry about it. Free Fire will never ban your account and even there is no problem with these tricks and it's 100% working.

First of all open Free Fire and go to the main page where your character is standing. Now look at the right at click on "Character" link below image

You'll see the details of your current character your playing with and its all features and skills. Now click on the "Change" button like below image

When you click on the change button it will take you to the all character page where you can see all available players in Free Fire you can buy. But we only need Chrono Character for Free, right?

So, let's go ahead. Scroll down and find "Chrono CR7" and you'll see a padlock over it. Just click on it like the below image

After clicking on Chrono CR7 you'll be able to see an interface like below screenhost. On this page you'll see all the features and skill of Chorno or Ronaldo character. Now to buy Chrono for free, click on "OBTAIN" button like below image

After clicking on the obtain button you'll see this below interface where the Chrono character is only available for 25 diamond luck royal spin. But we don't want to speed 25 diamond worth, right? So, here's the tricky thing comes.

Now directly minimize the app button tapping on the Home button of your phone. And to get chrono character free need to download a CR7 file and need to place it in the Free Fire app data directory.

To do this, click on the below button and download the CR7 Chrono character file.

Download Chrono.CR7

Now let's place the Chrono.CR7 file to the data folder of Free Fire. So to do this let's first open the "File Manager" of your phone. And then go to the "Android" folder from SD Card like below image

In the Android folder may see a folder named "obb". If you can't see any "obb" folder then first create a obb folder inside the Android folder. And after creating the obb folder, open it and create a new folder inside "obb" and name it as "com.dts.freefireth" like below image

And after creating this folder just paste the Chrono.CR7 file inside it like below image

Ok. If you've done the above steps then let's now open the Free Fire again as we minimized it before. So after re-opening the Free Fire now click on any button to spin the Chrono Character free giveaway like the below image

And boom! You'll get the Chrono CR7 character for free without any diamond.

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So that's it, guys. I hope you just got the Chrono Character free in Free without any problem. If you like this post, please share this post on Facebook, WhatsApp, and with your friends. Keep visiting androidbrotherbd to get more awesome posts related to Android.


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